Insight helped HMN5 build a life-long brand

We designed a creative strategy evolved around gaining a successful audience within the Solana ecosystem for HMN5


The Pioneers and Explorers are uniquely generated humans that reside on ALPHA 21, an ecosystem formed in the depths of the Okinaverse. HMN5 characters will be taking over web3 in a big way. Journey with us as we begin our many adventures.

The Challenge

When HMN5 first approached us, they had already built a decent community within the space. As this was their second collection, we laid out a plan which would build their community more. The main focus was to grow their Discord and Twitter.

The main challenge we faced with HMN5 was to tackle the marketing approach very cautiously. Since this was their second collection we had to thread the needle, making sure we did not encounter any Fud during the process. 


The goal was to build more brand awareness for the future and already existing HMN5 community members. The marketing campaigns purpose was to showcase the second collection and hard-working team.

To achieve this we reached out to influential individuals interested in joining the HMN5 community and formed a team. We regularly shared tweets and utilized the support of the Steezy community to create a buzz around them on Twitter.

We utilised KOL Marketing to drive traffic towards their new collection. In order to be attractive to the targeted NFT community, we used their cartoon styled artwork and video content to out advantage.


We successfully ran a comprehensive marketing campaign for HMN5, which delivered results that surpassed our own expectations.

Not only did we surpass our own expectations while working with HMN5, we helped them grow their community growth within the space at an extraordinary pace.

As a result of our campaign we helped HMN5 increase activity within their existing communities and grow their community size overall. When it came to mint, the buyers flew in.


Increase in community size


Content Created


Campaign Impressions

Successful Influencer Campaign

With positive results

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