Creating a plan to build under last minute circumstances.

We designed a creative strategy evolved around gaining a successful audience within the Solana ecosystem for O.O.N.


When Out of Nowhere (O.O.N) reached out to us, they had a small budget and with it a small following. However, the team and the art for the project gave us hope.

The founding team had a clear plan and clean art, which was a great starting point with a collection size of 5,000 NFTs paired with a $30 Solana price tag. The objective was to help them establish a community-based awareness towards their project.

The Challenge

O.O.N wanted to extend on their already built community to grow their engagement, following, and organic traffic while ensuring the conversion was successful within a short time period. 

They needed to ensure when their mint date arrived people would be hyped and anticipating it. Pulling off this task can be difficult as a lot of aspects of the process can go wrong super fast while on a tight time frame. We identified the best strategy to ensure the highest chance of success within the time of work. 


We determined the best approach we could take to achieve O.O.N’s goals in a short period of time and budget was to leverage their already well-illustrated artwork.

They needed to target the Solana community that treasured artwork more than anything.

We wanted to build a strong presence within a short period of time, so we incorporated Influencer marketing.

We utilised Solana-based Influencers to reward their community with whitelist spots & free mints. We were ready to help O.O.N on their journey!



We successfully ran a comprehensive marketing campaign for O.O.N, which delivered results that surpassed our own expectations.

Not only did we surpass our own expectations while working with O.O.N, we helped them grow their community growth within the space at an extrodinary pace.

As a result of our campaign we helped O.O.N increase activity within their existing communities and grow their community size overall. When it came to mint, the buyers flew in.


Increase in community size


Minted NFTs


O.O.N raised roughly 400k from mint

Successful Influencer Campaign

With positive results

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