How Insight helped RadCats go to market

We designed a creative strategy evolved around gaining a successful audience within the Solana ecosystem for RadCats


Radcats is a multi-venture brand with a nostalgic 90s twist that takes its holders beyond the blockchain with the use of a single token, $RAD, creators of Rad Racing, Code RAD, Rad Wear & Rad Experience.

With a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana chain. Rad cats Will make noise IRL, SHR contract already signed. Rad Cats have a fully sponsored Nascar team at Watkins Glen international.

The Challenge

When RadCats approached the Insight team, their biggest obstacle was reaching the correct target audience. The goal they had in mind was to create something unique and attractive in terms of how they represented themselves within the space. They did not know what approach would work best for their project and needed connections. 


Ultimately, the vision of building hype for Radcats was our goal. The focus was building a solid foundation for their project while following the strategy planned by the Insight team and making sure both corelated perfectly. 

With the plan of action laid out and Radcats already having a starting foundation built. We decided to utilise Collaboration Management & KOL Marketing to the teams advantage. As Radcats had quality artwork this also brought in new community members alongside our efforts. 

The Radcats team were super hard-working, leaving us to take care of the marketing aspect. This allowed us to focus on all the important areas.


We successfully ran a comprehensive marketing campaign for Radcats, which delivered results that surpassed our own expectations.

Not only did we surpass our own expectations while working with Radcats, we helped them grow their community growth within the space at an extraordinary pace.

As a result of our campaign we helped Radcats increase activity within their existing communities and grow their community size overall. When it came to mint, the buyers flew in.


Campaign Reach

OVER 120

Content Created


Revenue Generated

Successful Influencer Campaign

With positive results

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