Mice Media

Mice Media

THE MICE are a community intentionally 'built on beliefs,' with a culture of shared values and ambitions. It attracts people who value individual freedom, which manifests in a media network represented by 'the many' and free from control by 'the few.' Unlike typical JPEG collections built on hype and valued based on traits, THE MICE have galvanized a culture and community of holders who collaborate to build a brand together.


Influencer Marketing

We carefully select Influencers that best suit the needs of the client.

Collaboration Management

We help establish connections and collaborations that align with our client.

Social Media Marketing


Mice Media reached out to our team in need of help reaching a broader audience for both their decentralized media platform and NFT sales. Our goal was to help them achieve staggering growth during the process. Having alot of content to work from and with their connections to Celebs in the web2 world such as Andrew Tate we knew we could leverage many aspects during the time working with them.
Market Research

The market is constantly evolving at a swift speed. We guarantee you that we are in sync with the most effective strategies to reach your desired audience.


A campaign lacking a strategy is destined for failure. That's why we devote sufficient time to carefully craft a unique strategy specifically for your unique project.


The Web 3.0 realm caters to a distinctive audience with particular preferences. We support you in developing content that will strike a chord with this specific demographic!


By leveraging our bespoke strategies and extensive network, you will quickly outpace your rivals!



Campaign Reach

We reached an audience of 7.8M+

Event Sign-Ups

We gathered over 2,000 event sign-ups within a 3 day period

Social Following

Increase in growth went up by 179%

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