The Pioneers and Explorers are uniquely generated humans that reside on ALPHA 21, an ecosystem formed in the depths of the Okinaverse. HMN5 characters will be taking over web3 in a big way. Journey with us as we begin our many adventures.


Influencer Marketing

We carefully select Influencers that best suit the needs of the client.


When HMN5 initially engaged our services, they had already cultivated a respectable community in their sector. Recognizing this as their second collection, we designed a strategy aimed at further enhancing and expanding their community reach. Our primary objective was to promote growth on their Discord and Twitter platforms. The most significant challenge we encountered with HMN5 was the necessity for a delicately balanced marketing strategy. Given that this was their second collection, it was imperative to navigate the intricacies of the campaign with utmost precision to prevent any Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) that might have arisen during the process.


The main concern for the client and our team was the taught if something went wrong during the process of execution it may cause unwanted doubt (FUD) from holders of the first generation of their collection.

Market Research

The market is constantly evolving at a swift speed. We guarantee you that we are in sync with the most effective strategies to reach your desired audience.


A campaign lacking a strategy is destined for failure. That's why we devote sufficient time to carefully craft a unique strategy specifically for your unique project.


The Web 3.0 realm caters to a distinctive audience with particular preferences. We support you in developing content that will strike a chord with this specific demographic!


By leveraging our bespoke strategies and extensive network, you will quickly outpace your rivals!



Social Growth

Over 10,000 new community members between Discord & Twitter

Content Created

Insight Created over 150 pieces of content

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